One of the best garage floor ideas is to pait it. One of the advantages of painting your garage floor is that you can paint it a pattern if you like. Many sports fanatics may like to paint their garage floor in the logo of their favorite team.

In order to paint your garage floor, you will need to prepare and clean it carefully first. Obviously you need to sweep out all the dirt and clean any grime or oily substances on the floor. Your garage floor paint ideas will only work if the floor is dry so you may have to have some sort of heater / blower in there first to dry it out. Getting rid of the moisture is easier in the summer so that is the preferalble time to garage paint.

Many garage floors develop crack in them after a couple of years and for the best painting, you should fill those in. This is not absolutely necessary but it helps to keep moisture out and the paint job will obvioulsy look better too.

Ideally it is best if you first put on some sort of an adhesive on the garage floor surface and then the paint on that. Of course that will take more time and money but that is the best way to protect the garage floor and to keep the paint on. Not all paint will bond the same way with a concrete floor and by using an adhesive you are raising your odds that the paint will apply well.

These are some of the garage floor painting ideas you need to consider before you go out and paint your garage. The most important is to do the very best job you can cleaning and drying the floor before you start painting.