One of the most popular garage flooring ideas is to cover it with some sort of protector. Most people use a vinyl floor covering they can roll out over the floor and cut into the right size. What this kind of floor cover does well is hide all the cracks in the cement as well as any stains and marks.

Putting a garage floor protector down is akin to installing carpet in your home. A house that has carpet is so much nicer to walk on and completes the look of the house. Likewise, a floor protector in the garage may be the finishing touch you need to turn your garage into a real room where you don't even have to put your shoes on.

Most garage owners never do anything with their floors and they remain the cold, hard, cracked concrete. Whenever they go into the garage shoes are necessary as it is almost like walking outside. However, a garage with a floor protector has a totally different look and feel under foot, and the garage becomes and extension of the home. Garage floor protectors provide insulation, cushioned comfort, a nonslip surface that is easily maintained and cleaned, as well as some noice reduction. You can even see in the picture below how nice the floor protector looks as they turned part of the garage into a garage workout room.