Garage floor pads and mats are usually only for protecting part of the garage floor. For instance, if you have a lawnmower and want an absorbent pad to park it on to protect any oil leaks you can go here to get one - garage floor lawnmower pads.
Another kind of garage floor pad would be a motorcycle oil spil pad or mat. This would be a good thing to have to park your motorcycle on in the garage so you could avoid all the dirt and grime your bike will come in with. You can get a great price here for a motorcyle oil spill pad.

If you want you can get a garage floor mat for your car as well that you can park over or on that will catch all the oil drips and anything else that comes from your car. Some of these pads are great because if your car is all wet they will catch the rainwater and it will stay on the pad until it dries rather than run all over the garage.

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