There are mixed opinions about the practicality of staining garage floors, especially concrete. With your car being driven in and out of the garage, some people have found the stain just doesn't hold up. In the summer your car can come in with very hot tires and this can also cause some problems.

However, staining your garage floor is one of those garage flooring ideas that many people can easily do themselves and it can make your floor look great. There are certain steps you should take to get it done properly as you don't want to go through all the effort and find out later the job wasn't done correctly.

First you want to determine if there is anything on the floor at the present moment. If your garage floor is already sealed, water will bead up if you sprinkle some on it. It the water does not bead and is absorbed into the concrete, you will know that you can go ahead with the staining.

Next you need to thoroughly clean the floor by sweeping it and then by using some kind of degreaser. This will get all the grease, dirt and grime off the concrete so that you can start with a clean surface. Will then want to rinse the floor and let it dry.

You should then use an etching cleaner to do a better job of cleaning the floor. In order for the staining to last, you want to do a really good job of getting the garage floor clean before you stain it. The etching cleaner will also help to open the pores in the concrete so that the stain you will be applying will penatrate and stick. Try to clean all areas of the floor evenly sot they have the same amount of etching solution on them. Again, you will want to rinse and dry.

Most of the hard work is over now and all you have left to do is to apply the stain. You can use a brush for the corners and sides and a roller for the middle parts of the floor. After you put on the first coat of the stain you should let it dry and then apply a second coat. After that, all you have to do is let it dry for 24 to 48 hours and the job is done!

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